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Audible: Business of Fashion


Audible produces and provides audio storytelling by offering immersive and cinematic experiences for listeners.

Audible works to hear the voices of their customers and serve their needs. They work continuously on the improvement of their platform.

Business of Fashion

Business of Fashion is a world-renowned brand that aims to build a global community to inform and connect individuals within the fashion industry.

The brand serves members in over 125 countries and provides business advice, online learning, and career-building tools.

Sibling Rivalry

This challenge was created by Sibling Rivalry, a creative branding and film agency. My project partner Gabby Pierre and I worked with Lauren Hartstone on initial pitch and presented the final deck to her.

design challenge

Create a Marketing Campaign for either a podcast in need of a new look or an audiobook about a person or story in which you are interested.

The final deliverable is a Keynote presentation that takes us through the campaign idea you have created, as you would a client. This presentation is just as important as the end product.

business goal

● Help grow the audience by highlighting the uniqueness of the
podcast to untapped listeners.

creative goal

● Communicate with clarity.

● Reflect the tone and mission of the podcast.

● Thread a visual (and verbal) language that works through all of the elements and can be built upon for the future.


Looked at the history and audience of Audible and the Business of Fashion. Listened to the BOF podcast that focused on a variety of topics. Looked into other podcast's branding, and marketing campaigns. 

My project partner, Gabby Pierre with a focus on business of art and design, researched why young audiences like to listen to podcasts. This helped us determine which aspects of the BOF podcast aligned with Audible's business goals and audience demand.



We pitch three rebranding and marketing campaigns to Lauren focused on different ways young adults listen to podcasts.

Audible Pitch Class pitch_Page_14.jpg

Concept 1 aligns with Business of Fashion’s core mission.

Target: Young adults who are creators, artists, and designers

Mood: Hopeful and joyful

Audible Pitch Class pitch_Page_17.jpg

Concept 2 represents the foundational creation of the business.

Target: Young adults who are interested in shifting their careers and be accepted into the fashion industry.'

Mood: Inspired, thoughtful, reliable, simple. easy to understand

Artboard 1 copy 10.png
Audible Pitch Class pitch_Page_21.jpg

Focus on showing the variety of entertainment available on the BOF podcast.

Target: Young adults who use podcasts to be entertained.

Mood: Energized, diverse, colorful


Directions 1 logo and 3 designs were chosen to be combined.

Next was to find a way to balance the textures, provide a version of the logo with the Business of Fashion text, have a hook phrase, and have more options of the design style.

first pass


Multiple logo options and college designs were tested to be used for the podcast's rebranding and platform artwork.


Move forward with keyart with brown, flower, and gold frame. This one was chosen to move forward with because it has the most exciting, elegant, legible, and balanced design compared to the other options. It was requested to change the background of the keyart to dark brown in the middle of the frame or find a different dark background.

The logo moved forward with was logo with only Business of Fashion and thicker serifs.

second pass


The platform artwork and logo were updated based on recommendations.

The keyart was added to iPhone mockups. Styleframes for the trailer and story were included. The billboard, magazine cover, and story in an iPhone mockup were also added.

An audio first pass for the trailer and stories was made to evoke the inspirational aspects of