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Exploring New Territories

final animation

What is Motion Design Project

Create a 10-15 second typographic animation in Cinema 4D that visually interprets one of the provided themes about motion design. The project emphasizes the integration of dynamic typography as a key element. After crafting the animation in Cinema 4D, students will bring their work into Unreal Engine 5 for final rendering, focusing on enhancing the visual appeal with advanced rendering techniques.

design challenge

  • ​Conceptualize and develop a creative approach to representing a chosen theme through typography and motion.

  • Utilize Cinema 4D to create a dynamic typographic animation that embodies the selected theme.

  • Import and render the animation in Unreal Engine 5, focusing on achieving high-quality visual output and advanced lighting effects.

  • Experiment with the aesthetic and functional aspects of typography in motion design.


  • Cinema 4D

  • Redshift

  • Unreal

  • After Effects


Researched variety of cute and simple 3D style. As well found different 3D styles that are terrian.



Pitched to two concepts to my art director.

concept 1

concept 2

The variety of the TERRIAN

In this short animation, we will see the text emerge from different environments to represent the different terrains we explore as a motion designer.

Exploring the TERRAIN

Motion Designers like to try new software and design styles. To represent the exploration of new software and styles, we will travel through different environments inspired by the different software with the text integrated into these environments.