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Warner Bros Logo Animation:

Furiosa: Mad Max

final animation 

Warner Bros

Warner Bros. Pictures partners with the world’s most inspiring storytellers to create extraordinary entertainment on every screen for the global audience. The Studio has been at the forefront of the motion picture industry since its inception and continues to be a leading creative force in the industry

design challenge

To bring the WB logo into the world of the movie it is introducing. Create a 3D version of the logo specifically for one of the following movies that are set to hit theaters in 2023 and 2024. This animation will be used for trailers in the theater, online, and on TV.

This animation should utilize Houdini and Cinema 4D.

film: Furiosa

Action, Sci-Fi, Prequel
Warner Bros. Pictures – Release 2024
Australian post-apocalyptic action-adventure film. The origin story of renegade warrior Furiosa before she teamed up with Mad Max in ’Fury Road’, The warrior will be caught in the middle of a war between two warlords from the wastelands.


Gathered reference of environments, textures, and logo designs from the Mad Max Fury Road Film.



Pitched two ideas to my art director.

concept 1

metal arm

Furiosa's metal arm is being repaired due to a fight.


Houdini will be used for procedural modeling and fluid simulation of blood or oil.

concept 2


Destroyed and dusty land the movie takes place in.

Houdini will be used for a Terrain and Cloud simulation.


My art director chose concept one and requested to replace blood and oil with sparks and smoke in Houdini.

modeling, texturing, animation


Built the 3D model of the animation. Added texture and lighting.


Too much rust and scratches on objects. The wrench shadow covers up the logo.

refine animation and rendering


Reduce the intensity of the rusty and scratches. Moved the wrench back in Z space so it would not create a shadow over the logo. Sound design was added to the animation.


Design: Render a new pass with the smoke, add an atmospheric environment, make the wrench shinier, and remesh texture to render not stretched on the models.



Rendered a new pass with smoke and made the wrench shinier.


Animation: The wrench rotates up too much.



I am happy to have created a logo animation for the upcoming movie to excite fans of Mad Max.

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