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Civic Nation

All in to Vote

Non-for-profit and nonpartisan program of Civic Nation.
This program strives to improve electoral gaps between race and age. To achieve this, they work with higher education institutions to improve civic learning, political engagement, and voter participation.

design challenge

Create three looping animated gifs or Instagram stories that engage, remind, and assist college students and young adults to participate in the upcoming elections.

The initial research was looking at their website to learn about their history, mission, and resources available for students. I researched their social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I looked up what post had the most views to understand the content their audience favored. To expand my ideas, I used an AI mindmap from Miro. These influenced me in choosing my concepts and designs.



direction 1

direction 2

direction 3


engaging type

We communicate about voting in different ways. To gain student’s attention, social media animations will show how voting announcements can be learned and heard in their lives.

This direction uses simple vector designs to represent the basic forms of everyday communication methods.

Type is used throughout voting paperwork. Why not make it fun to look at while reading it? This concept focuses on animating type to represent how voting can be engaging, exciting, and not boring for students.

A simple design is used in this styleframe to focus on the movement of type animation.


Students need constant reminders for projects, papers, and events deadlines. Why not make the reminders to vote fun and stimulating to look at? These animated stories will show simple reminders students use every day but with entertaining animation.

Collage and vector are used in this design to represent the multiple types of reminders. The reminders can be both physical and digital.


Direction 2 was chosen. Although, the pitch styleframes were boring and not exciting. It was requested that the Direction 2 design style be pushed. This was done because the Direction 2's concept had the most opportunity to improve and have a variety of design and animation.

first pass


These new designs and animations are much more improved. To focus on the type and create engaging stories, the text fills the composition and animates in a variety of ways. The ALL IN animation focuses on gaining the viewer's attention by changing weights. REGISTER animation is designed to move like a wave to represent a flag waving. I VOTED design focuses on coming together to vote. In addition, the website was included in one of the designs which was requested by All In to Vote's brief.


Some revisions were to stop the edges of ALL IN animation's text from shifting alignment. Make the I VOTED composition 'I' legible. Change the ALL IN phrase to TAKE THE PLEDGE and animate in a punchy motion to get people to feel called to action to vote.