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Netflix Logo Animation:
Blue Eye Samurai

final animation 


Netflix is a streaming service that provides a variety of original and acquired films and TV shows in different genres. It is available in multiple languages around the world through a subscription-based model.

design challenge

Create a 3D animation that precedes a Netflix Original Show or Film.

series: Blue Eye Samurai

ActionAdventure; Drama
Released 2023

A vengeful warrior in Edo-era Japan seeks revenge against those who outcasted her, carving a bloody path toward her destiny.


Gathering references from the series.

In addition, Dall-E was used to generate stylized designs for the Netflix logo.



Pitched three ideas to my art director.

concept 3

My Ember

Mizu’s creation ignited a blaze of vengeance within her,
symbolized by her piercing blue eyes. The blue flames embody
her fury and the driving force behind her mission.

concept 1

Sumi-e Logo

An animated Netflix logo based off the Japanese art of
calliagraphy and the series logo design.

concept 2

The Power of the Sword Marker

The intricate and empowering process of crafting a Katana is
depicted through the creation of the Netflix logo.

pitch deck